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Experts lay groundwork for more sustainable investments and reorienting capital flows
February 6, 2019
What makes a “green” bond green? What makes an economic activity sustainable? And what information should a company disclose about how climate change could impact its business – and how its business impacts the climate? These are some of the questions the European Union is keen to find answers to, with the help of a panel of experts. SSFC talked to one of them: SEB’s Marie Baumgarts.
First “Blue Bond” trading to attract investment in Baltic Sea protection
January 25, 2019
The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) has started trading its first so-called blue bond, a five-year, 2 billion SEK bond focusing on investments in water resource management and protection of the Baltic Sea.
Roundtable discussion about the rise of green bonds
November 26, 2018
Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre, together with Stockholm County Council, initiated a round table discussion on 24 October. The theme of the roundtable was "The next steps for green bonds and sustainable investments." Frida Korneliusson, CEO SLL Internfinans, and Charlotta Brask, sustainability manager SLL, gave evidence of the positive effects of working with green bonds within the Stockholm County Council. This work puts a clear focus on the overall sustainability efforts, but also on the attractiveness of green investments to investors.
A sustainable finance lexicon – terminology for a growing market
July 16, 2018
Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre recently published a sustainable finance lexicon. Users can browse words and phrases related to sustainable, green, and climate finance. Because sustainable finance is still in its infancy, common terminology, references and standards are lacking. This glossary – just one of the tools offered by the Centre to support financial actors in their work – provides a common denominator in terminology related to sustainable finance.
Sustainable Finance: Sweden up front, EU close behind
July 10, 2018
As one of the last ferries leaves the island of Gotland this Friday, the people of Visby are still busy cleaning up their streets, packing away meeting tents and folding tables and chairs. Almedalen week, Sweden’s most important political event, has come to an end. Sustainable finance was one of the hot topics discussed in several seminars during the course of Almedalen week. The financial sector must be part of making life on this planet sustainable. It already plays a role in channelling investments into green technologies, energy-efficient buildings, and climate-friendly transport.
Green by default – sustainable finance is the obvious choice
July 5, 2018
Almedalen week marks one of the busiest political events in Sweden. Every year beginning of July, politicians from all parties, NGOs, think tanks and other groups meet in Gotland, Sweden’s largest island in the Baltic, to discuss issues ranging from economy, society, health, finance, and the environment. Almedalen also marks the beginning of summer vacation for most Swedes. During the multiple sessions and seminars sustainable finance was high on the agenda, as it is inextricably linked with Sweden’s future economy and national environmental profile.
SSFC submits recommendations during Swedish sovereign bond enquiry
June 14, 2018
Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre (SSFC) submitted several recommendations during the Swedish Government’s green bond enquiry. The Centre highlightedthat apart from giving a strong signal to other countries, several learning benefits for the market and its actors would emerge. Experts at the Centre argue that some of the innovations associated with the issuance of such a bond such as fintech and securitisation would help the green bond market grow.
Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre at Almedalen 2018
June 8, 2018
Between 1 and 8 July 2018, SSFC members Aaron Maltais, Cecilia Repinski and Marcus Svedberg will be participating at Almedalen in Visby, on the Swedish island of Gotland. This year sustainable finance is featured prominently on the agenda of Almedalen. Our experts are showcasing, in different sessions, how sustainable finance is an essential part of the multifaceted rationale for a sustainable future and economy.
New centre for sustainable finance established in Stockholm
December 12, 2017
The Swedish Government launched the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre, established on December 12 as a joint venture between the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Stockholm School of Economics. Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre will tap into the knowledge, experience and participation of a wide network of actors in the financial sector.