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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development constitutes a roadmap for where we, as a society that includes the private sector, need to go in just over ten years until 2030. A new study from Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre and Swesif shows that half of buy-side analysts as well as corporate investor relations officers think that sell-side financial research has a detrimental short-term focus. More than a third of sell-side financial analysts agree with this.

The study initiated by Swesif and published in Stockholm on 28 May was prompted by a general concern over undue short-termism in financial markets generally and financial analysis specifically. It is set in Sweden and based on a survey from both buy-side and sell-side analysts as well as investor relations officers. Questions aimed at finding out what each group sees as a long-term perspective, to what extent respondents perceive long-term questions to be addressed in investment analysis, and what factors they see as standing in the way of a more long-term perspective.

The authors, Emma Sjöström, Hanna Setterberg and Gregor Vulturius hope this study will spur this much-needed discussion. They also acknowledge the key role which broad-based initiatives such as the European Commission’s Action Plan on financing sustainable growth, and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) have in realising more long-term focus.

The government has commissioned an independent review of the framework governing green bonds from Cicero, Center for International Climate Research. The rating given is the highest on a four-point scale, dark green.

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